Members & Drop-in Classes

All flying trapeze classes start with a quick warm up and a stretch, followed by our "ground school" lesson, where we teach you the trick you will do on a low practice bar. Then everyone is fitted with a safety harness, and the rest of the class is spent doing the flying trapeze.

Flying trapeze classes have a minimum of 3 students, and a maximum of 10.

Flying Trapeze - Tricks & Catching (Ages 6–96)

We recommend this class for first-time flyers.

Tricks & Catching classes start the same as all of our other classes, but end with a round or two (depending on class size) of catching, where everyone who is ready is given the opportunity to do their trick and then be caught and swing with one of our instructors. Students who are not ready to attempt the catch will continue to work on their trick, so they will still get the same amount of turns.

Flying Trapeze - Skill Development (Ages 6–96)

Skill Development classes do not have catching. If a student masters their trick before the end of the 2-hour class, we will teach them a new trick. This is a great class for those who want to focus on perfecting a trickier skill that might not be ready for a catch.

Flying Trapeze - Intermediate (Ages 16–96)

Take your flying trapeze skills to the next level. The intermediate class is intended for students who are doing independent take-offs, and are working on their swings and towards taking tricks out of safety lines. The intermediate class includes catching.


Please note that Pay-per-Flight has been canceled for the summer, and will resume in the fall.

Try the flying trapeze without committing to a full class. Pay-per-Flight runs every Friday night from 7-9 pm, and is open to all ages and skill levels. No need to pre-register; show up anytime and fly! There is no warm-up for this class as students may arrive at various times. We will go over ground school to teach new tricks, however; first-timers and beginners are welcome.

First flight: $10 + GST
Subsequent flights: $5 + GST
All-you-can-swing: $50 + GST

*Please note that if no one shows up in the first hour, the drop in session will end early. If you are planning to show up after 8pm, please call ahead to ensure we are open.


Under 13

Single Class - $69 - 


3-Month Session  - $129/month - Call or email to enrol.

  • 4 classes/month
  • 20% additional classes

6-Month Session  - $124/month - Call or email to enrol.

  • 4 classes/month
  • 30% additional classes


Single Class - $69 -  

5-Pack Punch Cards - $224 - 

10-Pack Punch Cards - $428 - 


3-Month Session  - $179/month - Call or email to enrol.

  • 4 classes/month
  • 20% additional classes

6-Month Session  - $174/month - Call or email to enrol.

  • 4 classes/month
  • 30% additional classes