Pricing Frequently Asked Questions

Who is a Member?
Members are clients who currently hold a LITE, 12-month, 6-month, or 3-month session. Members receive complimentary and unlimited open studio practice for the duration of their membership, and discounted rates for extra drop-in classes and workshops.

Who is a Punch Card Client?
Punch card clients are those who currently have at least 1 or more classes left on at least 1 punch card. Our punch cards last for 6 months from their purchase date.

Who is a Guest?
Guests are any persons who may be new to WCFT and have no current or existing membership. Guests include any persons who purchase and attend classes at the drop-in rates.

Payment Methods
For one-time purchases, we accept Visa, Mastercard, Debit and cash. For monthly payments, we accept Visa and Mastercard. Members who wish to pay for a monthly membership with Interac or cash can only do so by paying the full-term amount upfront.

Drop-In Rates
Please Note: all prices are subject to 5% GST. 

Please make sure to register ahead of time before dropping in.


Monthly Sessions
Warning: Monthly sessions may lead to extreme happiness, a higher level of fitness, meeting a community of supportive individuals, and achieving goals you never thought possible. Start anytime!
Please Note: all prices are subject to 5% GST. sessions are non-transferable.

Flying Trapeze Sessions – Start anytime!

Aerial & Acrobatics Sessions – Start anytime!

Fitness Class Sessions – Start anytime!

(includes; Big Top Bootcamp, Ninja Warrior)

Punch Cards
Do you have a busy schedule, but still want to be a part of this awesome community? Our punch cards are a great alternative to our monthly memberships. All punch cards expire 6 months from the purchase date.
Please Note: all prices are subject to 5% GST. Punch Cards are non-transferable.

Flying Trapeze Punch Cards

Aerial & Acrobatics Punch Cards

Fitness Class Punch Cards

(includes; Big Top Bootcamp, Ninja Warrior, Acro Chair, Mat Pilates, Barre Fitness)

Kids Drop-In Classes (Ages 13 and Under)
Please Note: all prices are subject to 5% GST.  


Kids Monthly Sessions (Age 13 and Under)
Kids monthly sessions may only be used towards kids-specific classes. Please note that kids monthly sessions cannot be used towards skill development, tricks and catching, and catching classes. For more information, please see our Class Descriptions page. Start anytime!
Please Note: all prices are subject to 5% GST. Sessions are non-transferable

Kids Aerial & Acrobatics Sessions (Age 13 and Under) – Start anytime!