Photo Credit: Dave Treadwell

Stephanie Van Dyck

Stephanie Van Dyck

Photo Credit: Raymond Shum – Tempest Photo

Beginner Contortion

This workshop is open to all levels. If you’re looking to improve your back flexibility safely and effectively, this workshop is for you.

We will focus mostly on upper, mid, and lower back drills, using props and partners to assist. Hip flexor and shoulder stretches will also be incorporated, as they are imperative for back flexibility. We will not focus so much on split flexibility in the workshop; however, will do some.

Beginner Handbalancing

All levels are welcome for this workshop. If you’re looking to hold a handstand, master a press, or move your legs freely while balancing on your hands this workshop is for you.

We’ll focus on strengthening exercises to improve form and safely get you into that handstand. You’ll be partnered up for some exercises and work at the wall for others. Shoulder stretches will also be included, as shoulder mobility is very helpful for alignment.


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