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Ella Rose

Ella Rose

Hailing from Australia, Ella is a seasoned circus performer with a wealth of experience in all things aerial and contortion. Ella grew up performing with a full-time children’s circus in her hometown where she trained toured extensively throughout her early years. She later went on to complete her bachelor of circus arts at the National Institute of Circus Arts in Melbourne, Australia where she specialized in aerial cube and contortion handbalancing. Since then Ella has performed around the world with companies, cabarets and festivals such as NoFit State Circus, The Wonderland Spiegeltent, and The Wow Show and passionately endeavours to create new and challenging work to share with the world.

Handstands: Beginner-Intermediate

Whether you’ve recently decided it’s finally time to tick “learn to handstand” off your bucket list, or you’ve been climbing the mountain of handstand training for some time now, there will be lots for you to take away from this 1-hour workshop. We will cover everything from conditioning your body and building awareness upside-down to refining your balancing technique, building endurance, and progressing your repertoire of shapes and all the drills to get you there.

Prerequisites: none

Aerial hoop: Beginner-Advanced Skills

Whether you’re looking to spice up your repertoire with some hot new skills, or you’ve just got that one skill that’s been bothering you for ages now; come and learn, refine and develop your skills on the aerial hoops and/ or trapeze. This workshop is geared towards looking at advanced static skills (think neck hangs, foot hang/ single foot hand, side planches etc) and intermediate-advanced dynamic moves as well.

Prerequisites: approximately 1 year of aerial training.

Aerial Act Creation/Improv Techniques: All Levels

This is a workshop will be applicable to any aerial discipline for people who want to create their first aerial act, or maybe just learn a new approach to act creation. This will be all about trying out something new with plenty of opportunities to watch, share and discuss. While your technical skill level is not important for this class, we won’t be spending time “learning” tricks, so you should have at least a small bank of existing skills to draw on for this class.

Prerequisites: know at least 5 moves on your chosen apparatus.

General stretch, flexibility, and mobility

This workshop is ideal for anyone looking to increase general flexibility and mobility for circus or other physical disciplines. During the 1-hour we will cover a range of stretches and techniques targeting flexibility of our major muscle groups and mobility of our most important joints to get your body moving better and improve general physical performance.

Prerequisites: tight muscles.

Contortion: Intermediate-advanced

Maybe you’re a dancer looking to go the extra mile with your existing flexibility. Maybe you’ve realized you’ve got a little bit more in you than the yoga class you’ve been breezing through lately. If you have some flexibility but you’re not sure how the all those “contortion poses” really work – this is the class for you. We will cover an introduction to all the basic shapes you’ve seen on Instagram and you’ll leave equipped with lots of tools to get you to those goals ASAP and safely, of course!

Prerequisites: Flat splits in all directions (or very close), hands approximately 20 cm or less from feet in a bridge.


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