What is flying trapeze?

Flying trapeze is a circus act where a person swings through the air on a bar connected to two cables. The “flier” jumps from a platform while holding onto the trapeze bar and swings, flips, and twists through the air to be caught by a second person, known as the ‘catcher.’

The flying trapeze was invented in 1859 by a Frenchman, Jules Leotard, who connected a bar to two cords above the swimming pool in his father’s gymnasium in Toulouse. He became so famous that he performed his act for European aristocracy. He is now honored by having the trapeze artist’s costume named after him: the leotard.

Is flying trapeze safe?

Yes. At WCFT, safety is our highest priority.

Our instructors are trained to identify and minimize risks to our students. We maintain the highest standards for our equipment.

Who can participate?

Anyone six years old and older can participate in flying trapeze classes.All of our flying trapeze classes are open to all ages.

For safety reasons, we have a weight limit of 250 pounds.

If you have physical concerns, questions about your limitations, or any other conditions that you think may affect your ability to fly, please consult your physician. We also encourage you to speak with us before you book a class. We can be reached at 604-619-1212 or by email.


Will I get to fly in my first class?


We start each class with “ground school,” where you will learn basic positions on the ground. Then, with the assistance of our instructors, you will attempt it on the flying trapeze.

We teach each student according to individual comfort and skill levels, and allow students to advance at their own pace.

Do I have to be really strong in order to do flying trapeze?


While it certainly doesn’t hurt, you do not need to be strong or flexible to do flying trapeze. If you can hang from a bar with straight arms, you have enough strength for flying trapeze.

We will teach you to use timing and the momentum of the swing, rather than strength. Listening and reacting to our instructors’ commands is the biggest factor for success.

What should I wear?

Comfortable, form-fitting athletic clothes.

In your first class, you will be hanging from the bar by your knees. Pants, leggings, or tights that extend below the knees will be more comfortable.

You can do flying trapeze barefoot or in socks. If you fly barefoot, we suggest bringing a pair of flip flops, slippers, or shoes to slip on and off between turns.

Please note that long hair must be tied back.

Bring a water bottle with you.

Please do not wear:

  • Jewelry (stud earrings are okay)
  • Clothing with buttons, snaps, rivets, or metal accessories
  • Eye glasses (please wear contacts if possible)

We also ask that you wash your hands, and any other skin coming in contact with the bar of all lotions or sunscreens before class. Lotions will make the trapeze bar for you and other students.

What is your cancellation policy?

We require 48 hours’ notice for all cancellations or scheduling changes. Failure to provide sufficient notice and/or ‘no-shows’ will result in the participant being liable for the full cost of the class.