adaptive circus program

West Coast Flying Trapeze is a brightly knit community of all ages and abilities who get the chance to enjoy movement, challenge themselves, and grow together through circus. We strongly believe that circus is for every body.

At WCFT, not only do we focus on adaptable and functional ways to move in order to build and maintain social, and motor skills. We emphasize the practice of balance and body/spatial awareness; celebrate learning, and wellness… and we do it all, through CIRCUS!

AND we are excited to announce our Adaptive Circus Program!! (ACP for short)

ACP makes circus accessible to everyone and is available to all of those who might benefit from smaller lesson sizes, a quieter room, along with the flexibility of having a parent or support staff join. We welcome friends with autism, visual or hearing impairments, neurological and/or physical disabilities, as well as a parent or support staff to join! 

We are hosting 50-minute lessons each week for 4-week-long sessions for kids aged 5-9. Each lesson will consist of a warm-up game, stretching, a circuit, work on a circus apparatus (aerial silks, static trapeze, or aerial hoop!), and a skill (juggling, balance boards, spinning plates etc!) at the end! We invite a parent or support worker to join each lesson with the student so we can best support each individual’s learning needs and allow a chance to practice new skills safely. As students gain confidence and skills and are able to participate safely and independently in ACP lessons, we then welcome participants to join other scheduled and specified aerial, tumbling, flexibility, or fly classes. Though if you have a preference for a quieter gym time, small lessons sizes, and having a parent or support staff, we welcome you to stick with ACP!

winter session