Ninja Gym

Ninja gym classes are based on the popular TV show, American Ninja Warrior. Each class begins with a warm-up, and then time spent practising the obstacles. The class finishes with an “obstacle course race” created by the instructor. All levels welcome.

Circuit Training

When you train with a group, the camaraderie and extra drive can make all the difference between an okay workout and a great one. Circuit training classes are a bootcamp-style group workout where participants rotate through a circuit of fitness stations to work different muscle groups and cardio. All levels welcome.


Single Class - $20

10-Pack Punch Cards - $179
Single Class - $15
10-Pack Punch Cards - $99

Cancellation Policy:

You can cancel for ANY reason up to 24 hours before a class (you have the flu, you’re getting hitched in Vegas, you’d rather stay home and watch Netflix, etc.). Under 24 hours means you forfeit the class, regardless of the reason (we absolutely care, we just have to pay for the space and our hard-working instructors).