kids classes

ages 6-12

flying trapeze • skill development

Skill Development classes do not have catching. If a student masters their trick before the end of the class, we will teach them a new trick. This is a great class for those who want to focus on perfecting a trickier skill that might not be ready for a catch.

aerial silks

Aerial silks (aka tissu, fabric, ribbon), is a type of aerial art in which artists climb, hang, and wrap for drops and poses in the fabric. The fabric is hung as two separate pieces.


Tumbling is a gymnastics sporting discipline that combines skills of artistic gymnastics and trampoline.

55 min class

$26+GST • single class
$119+GST • 5-PACK
$229+GST • 10-PACK

85 min class

$32+GST • single class
$144+GST • 5-PACK
$279+GST • 10-PACK

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Our cancelation policy


Our regular cancellation policy will be in effect (you may cancel up to 24 hours before the class for any reason). If you have any symptoms of COVID-19, please do not come to the gym. Though we sympathize with everyone’s situation, please note we will not be offering any refunds or class credits for classes cancelled within 24 hours, for any reason. This has been an incredibly difficult time for small businesses, and we still have many fixed expenses to cover such as rent, insurance, heating, etc. We greatly appreciate your support and understanding.

Punch Cards

Class cancellations paid for by punch cards are covered under our Classes Cancellation Policy. All payments for punch cards, workshops, private lessons, and drop-ins are non-refundable.

Fall program

Dates: September 14 – December 18
Runs (14 weeks; 13 on days with holidays)
Classes not running: October 11 & 12
$325 +GST

West Coast Flying Trapeze Dedicated Program

Looking for more? Consistency and dedication build the most talented of performers.

Students already enrolled in a kids session have the opportunity to add on West Coast Flying Trapeze’s intensive program. This program gives our dedicated acrobats an opportunity to take their circus skills to the next level by adding on extra weekly classes at a discounted rate. Students involved will develop acts and will get priority to perform in community events and productions.


Classes/week Session cost Add-on for dedicated program /class rate
2 325+GST $72 $18
3 325+GST $144 $18
4 325+GST $184 $15.33
5 325+GST $216 $13.50
6 325+GST $261 $13.05
7 325+GST $303 $12.63
8 325+GST $328 $11.71
9 325+GST $360 $11.25
10 325+GST $389 $10.81