ages 3-5


In line with the current COVID-19 guidelines from the BC Government, we are suspending our group classes.
Instead, we will be offering private lessons, and independent training times for our experienced acrobats and aerialists.

Independent training is a scheduled time for athletes to train on their own with one of our experienced coaches supervising. Coaches are present to answer questions and provide some guidance during this hour if needed, but members are expected to train on their own.

Independent training is offered by level, as for safety reasons, the supervising coach will need to have a knowledge of all the skills being trained.
We have temporarily removed our intro-level classes. If you have never done aerial or acrobatic training before but would like to join independent training times, please contact us to book a private lesson first.

LilTop class (ages 3–5)

LilTop is for kids ages 3-5 to explore ground and aerial circus activities in a safe environment. Children will start to build body awareness, coordination, strength, and flexibility, and build a foundation to move and play safely in circus arts or any other sport. Each class will include a warm-up and stretch, and coaching on various circus equipment.

50 min lesson

$26+GST • trial lesson
$119+GST • 5-week session

Next session starts January 4, 2021
Following session starts February 9, 2021

If you are registering a child, please enter their name when creating an account.