Session Classes

Aerial Silks • Level 1

Aerial silks (aka tissufabricribbon, is a type of performance in which one or more artists perform aerial acrobatics while hanging from a fabric. The fabric is hung as two pieces.


  • French climb (15 ft)
  • Russian climb (15 ft)
  • Single & double footlocks in the air
  • Hipkeys
  • Can invert cleanly in the knot

Aerial Silks • Level 2

Take your silks to the next level


  • One pull-up
  • French climb to the top
  • Russian climb to the top
  • Can invert in the air (bent knees okay)
  • Catcher's lock
  • Hipkeys in the air
  • Long hang for minimum 15 seconds

Aerial Hoop & Trapeze • Level 1


Aerial Hoop & Trapeze • Level


Aerial Hammock

Aerial hammock (also called aerial sling or cradle) is like an aerial silk, but tied in a loop instead of with two tails—students can practice their silks tricks and aerial hoop tricks, as well as many poses and drops unique to hammock. Students will learn poses from sitting, standing, and hanging, as well as transitions between them. As students become comfortable, they will add drops and spinning. Each class will finish with conditioning and a stretch. This class is suitable for all levels.

Duo Trapeze

Duo trapeze classes teach partners to work together on one trapeze. Classes will include two styles: Partnering with a “base” (or “porter”) and a “flyer,” where one person supports the other person’s weight to learn swinging and other tricks; and partnering where both partners create similar, symmetrical shapes on the trapeze, generally supporting their own weights.

Please note that coming with a partner is required for this class.


Aerial straps are two thick straps of materials with loops to hang from. This apparatus is great for those who areor want to getcircus strong! Straps students will learn tricks and conditioning exercises to build the muscle necessary to master strength-based skills.

Aerial Bungee (Ages 13+, or by instructor permission)

Aerial bungee is a fun apparatus where students wear a harness attached to bungee cords. Bounce high, and learn to flip forwards and backwards. Bungee is great for learning body awareness and building core stability.


Handstands are a fundamental skill for all circus arts. Classes begin with a warm-up, and then students are led through a number of exercises designed to improve handstand technique, strength, balance, and more. This class is appropriate for all levels, including beginners.


We all need to start somewhere, and this is a great class to start learning the basics of tumbling. From rolls, cartwheels, and roundoffs, to front and back handsprings. This class will help to build the body awareness and strength required to safely perform these fundamental skills.


Trampolines are a great way to build body awareness in the air. Classes will teach various ways of flipping and twisting, and will focus on building the control that will help us to learn how to flip—and landsafely and consistently.

Tumbling • Level 2

Do you know how to tumble already, and want to work on more advanced tricks? This class will focus on handsprings (forwards and backwards), front and back flips, aerials, and other cool flipping tricks.


Partner Acrobatics

Partner acrobatics teaches counterbalancing and holding each other through sequences of positions. Our partner acro classes are primarily focused on hand-to-hand and standing skills, rather than acro yoga or L-basing partner acrobatics. This class is appropriate for all levels, including beginners.

Please note that coming with a partner is recommended for this class.


Want to increase your flexibility? Learn how to safely improve your splits and backbends, while strengthening the supporting muscles for greater control in and out of contortion tricks. Beginners welcome.

Kids Circus Class

The kids circus class is an all-around circus class for students ages 6 – 12. Kids will learn proper technique for handstands and cartwheels, and practice circus tricks such as juggling and hoop diving. Instructors will also teach students how to put together mini-acts to show their friends and family!

Strength and Flexibility

This class uses a combination of current exercise science and traditional circus conditioning to create a well-rounded workout that can help you up your game both in the gym and out!

Ninja Gym

Ninja gym classes are based on the popular TV show, American Ninja Warrior. Each class begins with a warm-up, and then time spent practising the obstacles. The class finishes with an “obstacle course race” created by the instructor. All levels welcome.

Flying Trapeze - Jr. Fly Team

For our more dedicated little flyers, this is a class to help build skills for an end-of-session student performance. All levels welcome.



Ages 6-12

8-week session • $175

Ages 13+

8-week session (ages 13+) • $199

Jr. Fly Team

8-week session • $279