aerial classes

intro to aerial

Intro to aerial is for students who are new to aerial arts. We’ll cover basic skills on multiple aerial apparatuses, such as aerial silks (tissu), aerial hoop (lyra), and static trapeze. Each class will end with a few conditioning and stretching exercises to help develop the strength, flexibility, and body awareness required to excel at aerial arts. No experience necessary!


  • Willingness to learn and take direction

aerial silks

The aerial silks (aka tissufabricribbon) is a lycra fabric hung from the our ceiling 32 ft above the ground. All classes start with a cardio warm-up and a strech followed by a guided lesson working on various techniques climbing, wrapping, locks and drops. The class finishes with some conditioning and stretching to help take you to the next level.

level 1


  • French climb (15 ft)
  • Russian climb (15 ft)
  • Single & double footlocks in the air
  • Hipkeys
  • Can invert cleanly in the knot

level 2


  • One pull-up
  • French climb to the top
  • Russian climb to the top
  • Can invert in the air (bent knees okay)
  • Catcher's lock
  • Hipkeys in the air
  • Long hang for minimum 15 seconds

aerial hammock

Aerial hammock (also called aerial sling or cradle) is like an aerial silk, but tied in a loop instead of with two tails—students can practice their silks tricks and aerial hoop tricks, as well as many poses and drops unique to hammock. Students will learn poses from sitting, standing, and hanging, as well as transitions between them. As students become comfortable, they will add drops and spinning. Each class will finish with conditioning and a stretch. This class is suitable for all levels.

aerial hoop & trapeze

The aerial hoop (also known as lyra, aerial ring or cerceau/cerceaux) is a circular steel apparatus (resembling a hula hoop) suspended from the ceiling. A trapeze is a short horizontal bar hung by ropes. Static trapeze bars have two parallel ropes, and dance trapezes are rigged with the ropes coming together in a triangle point, so the artist can spin. Aerial hoop and trapeze are both commonly used for solo and duo acts.

level 1


  • Comfortable in tuck, pike, and straddle inverted holds
  • Able to knee hang with no hands
  • Swing to seated mount
  • Comfortable moving from seated to standing and back on trapeze
  • Able to do mermaid (one and two leg versions), birds nest, man in the moon (hoop), and plank (trapeze)

level 2


  • Can invert to a straddle with straight legs
  • Pullover
  • Skin the cat
  • Front balance, back balance (supported is okay)
  • Trapeze: comfortable working in the ropes
  • Hoop: can invert to a knee hang on the top bar without using feet to get legs up
  • Can invert while spinning

aerial straps

Aerial straps are two thick straps of materials with loops to hang from. This apparatus is great for those who areor want to getcircus strong! Straps students will learn tricks and conditioning exercises to build the muscle necessary to master strength-based skills.

static trapeze

Static trapeze will focus on laying foundations for trapeze by building strength and an understanding of the body mechanics behind aerials, as well as how to train for longevity. Students will be encouraged to explore their style and hone their understanding of static and dance trapeze with a mix of aerial and ground exercises. As students become more comfortable with fundamental poses and transitions, they will begin working on tricks in the ropes and progressing toward drops

duo trapeze

Duo trapeze classes teach partners to work together on one trapeze. Classes will include two styles: Partnering with a “base” (or “porter”) and a “flyer,” where one person supports the other person’s weight to learn swinging and other tricks; and partnering where both partners create similar, symmetrical shapes on the trapeze, generally supporting their own weights.

Please note that coming with a partner is required for this class.

aerial bungee

(ages 13+, or by instructor permission)

Aerial bungee is a fun apparatus where students wear a harness attached to bungee cords. Bounce high, and learn to flip forwards and backwards. Bungee is great for learning body awareness and building core stability.

1hr class

$25 • single class
$114 • 5-PACK
$219 • 10-PACK

1.5hr class

$30 • single class
$134 • 5-PACK
$259 • 10-PACK

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