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Katie Herndon

Katie Herndon

Katie Herndon is an aerialist, acrobat, and artist. She has performed around the world on fabric, straps, rope, multicorde, sling, and hand-to-hand. Katie continues to seek new challenges and inspirations; combining skills from various apparatuses. As a connective tissue therapist Katie also applies her knowledge of anatomy to better inform her work and teaching. She loves inspiring students to push themselves and discover their own strengths and creativity.

Instagram: @levitybykatie


Photo Credit: Warren Woo

Straps Strength and Skills

This workshop is a great chance for intermediate and advanced aerial students to discover some of the foundational skills of straps. We will work on flares, meat hook transitions, and progressions for more difficult skills. Even for those who are not interested in focusing on straps as their discipline, this can offer excellent cross training and aerial conditioning.

Prerequisites: students should be able to do 3 straight leg lifts/skin the cats, 3 pull-ups, and meat hooks.

Dynamic silks 

This workshop is inspired by bringing the elements of beats and momentum to silks. We will go over various movement pathways, drops, and transitions. This workshop is open to students at various levels and will be a great opportunity to learn new material and integrate different types of skills.

Prerequisites: Be able to climb to the top with ease, do hip keys, and foundational skills


Single Workshop  • $59
Both Workshops • $109

Shannon McKenna

Shannon McKenna

Shannon McKenna, aerialist and founder of was never a dancer, never a gymnast, but one hell of a tree climber.

She earned her B.F.A. from NYU with a concentration in physical theater and decided the summer after college, without much idea of what it meant, to become a circus artist. She packed up her life in a suitcase and traveled the globe in search of the best coaches to teach her, teaching aerial arts to whoever wanted to learn, and put her work on any stage she could.

She trained straps with Jonathan Fortin in Montreal and Juan Luis Gonzalez in Guadalajara, and rope and flexibility through the professional training program at The New England Center for Circus Arts. She teaches workshops and classes to all ages and abilities in over 20 states from Circus Smirkus in Vermont all the way to the legendary San Francisco Circus Center in California.

Her performance work has spanned from traditional shows in large arenas to intimate contemporary pieces in small black box theaters. She performs as a solo artist, a part of artistic duos, and ensembles. Career highlights being a magician’s assistant in Portugal, a post-food poisoning silks act in the German show WET, and hanging underneath a motorcycle on a tight wire with the Flying Espanas.

In 2018, Shannon launched The Artist Athlete, an online resource that produces educational material for aerialists, as well as a weekly podcast which contains interviews with professionals in the circus industry. It is available on Spotify, Google Play, Stitcher, and iTunes.

Instagram: @the_artist_athlete

The Fundamentals of Aerial Alignment, a Practical Workshop for Hanging Upside Down

This workshop uses aerial straps and/or silks to address fundamental movements and muscle activation for any aerial apparatus. It has been taught and refined over the past 5 years, and is the inspiration for an entire e-book exploring the fundamental concept of activating larger muscles to align the body in structural and safe way while hanging upside down. The goal is to learn to condition mindfully using positions that put the body in equal and relative balance for any and all aerialists to gain greater awareness, mobility, and strength.

Prerequisite: Ability to comfortably invert in the air.

Dancing Your Drops (Fabric Drop Workshop)

As aerialists, we seek control over our bodies at every moment we are in the air. When we are climbing and posing, this control is relatively easy to master. However, it gets more complicated when we begin to look at “drops.” This workshop looks at several basic drops which cause us to rotate forward, backwards, and sideways. We will explore how the wrap, the body positioning in the set up, and the body positioning during the drop can change the speed, shape, and aesthetic quality of the skill. This is a fun workshop for those who are looking to clean up their drops as well as add their own dramatic flair to the movement!

Prerequisites: Must be able to cleanly invert and hold oneself upside down in the air.  


Single Workshop  • $79
Both Workshops • $149