duo hoop
with Nicole & Kelsey

September 1 – October 14 • 7:30 – 8:25 pm

Level: beginner to intermediate

This workshop will challenge you to think outside of the traditional aerial hoop skills, and will teach you how to hoop it out with a partner! You will learn the fundamentals of partner work, and practice some basic duo tricks. On the way, you’ll build strength and endurance to push your training to the next level. Come have fun with us, and try some things you never thought you’d be able to do!


  • have completed at least one full hoop or trapeze session (or 6 lessons)
  • can do all basic inverts (tuck, pike and straddle)
  • can do a pullover without assistance
  • at least one pull-up
  • a willingness to learn!

4-week workshop • $100+GST

About Nicole & Kelsey

Nicole was introduced to the world of performing through dance, circus, and acting almost 20 years ago—and her passion and enthusiasm for it has grown more and more each year. She started doing circus about 5 years ago, falling in love with hoop and trapeze right from the get-go. Nicole has over 9 years of teaching experience and over 12 years of performing experience on dance trapeze, aerial hoop, and flying trapeze. She is looking forward to the years to come, and is excited to pass on her love of circus to her wonderful students!
Kelsey stumbled into the circus world just after her 30th birthday and quickly fell in love with aerial silks. She has been with WCFT for 4 years, and has found that it wasn’t just silks she loved; she now regularly trains aerial hoop and duo trapeze. Kelsey loves many things about circus, especially the fact that a klutz can become graceful – there is nothing to trip on when up in the air! She works with our intro students, no matter what age or ability. Her favourite people to work with are those who have never tried circus before. She loves seeing someone go from “I could never do that!” to “I just did that!” in under an hour. When she is not flying around on a hoop she can be found working in the field of refrigeration.

with maria sample

October 2 – 23 • 10:30 – 11:55 am

Level: beginner to intermediate

Are you new to balancing on your hands, and want to build a strong foundation? Or do you have an existing handstand practice, but want to learn drills that pinpoint healthy shoulder alignment and will keep you feeling solid on your hands in a variety of positions? In this workshop, you will learn the basic foundations of a strong handstand practice with a focus on injury prevention, proper alignment, and pain-free training to prolong the longevity of your practice.

Each lesson would include warm-up, linework, balance, and some form of getting up, with the main focus being slightly different each week.

Week 1: prep work (warm-up and handstand related drills that are not in a handstand)
Week 2: linework and kick-ups
Week 3: Balance work and straddle shapes
Week 4: Tucks and press preparation

4-week workshop • $160+GST

About Maria Sample

Maria is a long-time handstand enthusiast, training off and on since 2012. She brings a unique viewpoint to handstand training as an adult learner who was not a natural, and through several injury rehab cycles in her almost-10-year circus career. She is here to share the wisdom she has gained through these trials and tribulations, as well as through her training with Jonathan Ferland-Valois, Ninon Parent, Sacha Bachmann, and PJ Perry to help you attain a strong, pain-free, and healthy handstand practice.
As a circus artist and human powerhouse who defies categorization – part aerialist, part dancer, part director, producer, and entrepreneur. Her performances blend artistry, honesty, and awe with the creative challenge of defying gravity. Maria performs corde lisse, aerial silks, dance, and acrobatics, and has experience adapting to strange and unique apparatuses. As your resident weirdo, creating site-specific work is one of her favourite hobbies. She has performed for companies such as Too Fly Productions (VAMP, Robin Hood), and The Underground Circus.
Maria is currently one-third of the production team for a female-led circus collective that has recently released their first digital circus show, Pause. Shift. Rebound (Instagram: @pause.shift.rebound) featured in the Transform Cabaret presented by the Cultch (2020), and in the Alberta Circus Arts Festival (2021). She wishes she could take her dog everywhere with her, but unfortunately, the poor pup gets sick in the car.