Photo Credit: Dave Treadwell
single workshop • $59

Thai Lam

Thai is a Bay Area aerialist who embodies versatility in his performance. With professional training at the Circus Center and with renowned aerial coaches, Thai focuses on smooth lines, clean technique, and powerful movements all the while giving the audience a taste of that Thai spice.

dynamic movements & transitions

This workshop will focus on transitions through momentum, beats, and catch and release movements. Thai will break down timing for momentum, how to manipulate the speed of each transition to set up for the next sequence or trick, and understand the moment of weightlessness that momentum brings.

Prerequisites: Must be confident in grip strength, and comfortable with height and straddle climbs. Recommended for students who are working on beats, hip-key roll-ups, straight-leg inversions, and front and back balances.

spinning: the fundamentals

The spinning workshop will focus on the technique of spinning getting that perfect spin and how to move through a sequence while spinning. Body awareness and engagement will be key factors taught in the workshop. Thai will breakdown the “how-to’s” of manipulating the spin – you will be given a traditional tissu sequence, and you will workshop the timing of transitions to understand when and how to crank up and slow down your spin.

Prerequisites: Must be able to do hip keys and invert in the air, and be confident in grip strength. Should be comfortable with heights, spinning, and getting dizzy.