Photo Credit: Dave Treadwell
 Liesl Klaue

Liesl Klaue

Liesl has loved acrobatics since she was a child, mostly training trampoline and gymnastics. Her first exposure to circus was in 2012 at Vancouver Circus School where she trained trampoline for two years. It was during this time that she first tried aerial, but didn’t commit to training silks until January 2017. Since then, Liesl has been training mostly at Acrofit Aerial Fitness where she now coaches, having received her teaching certification from Aerial Physique. She has performed in London, England at Flying Fantastic’s aerial showcase in August 2018 and, more locally, with Dynamic Aerial and Acrobatics. Though she loves performing, Liesl’s favorite part of training is the thrill of dropping and just being in the air, whether that’s in front of 500 people or just one (safety first). She is excited to share that joy with her students.

The “Ultimate” Drop Silks Workshop

Come learn from @aerialaspiration the art of drop stacking. Liesl will be teaching a multiple part drop (dubbed, “the Ultimate”) that can be mixed and matched with various entrances and exits and even foundationally different starting wraps. Liesl will use manageable progressions and fabric theory to bring your aerial silks drops to new heights!

Ages 13+

To get the most out of the class, it is required that students are able to invert in the air with straight legs, climb to the top of the silk (or climb twice if it is a lower studio), enter “belay” wraps, and feel comfortable dropping from a height.


Single Workshop 2-hr • $69